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Virtual Event Marketing

With technology moving at an alarming rate, the phenomenon of virtual event marketing has taken on the center-stage as far as the brand reputation of a company or an organization is concerned.


Traditionally, event marketing was about creating a display, themed exhibit or presentation in a bid to promote a service, product, organization of cause. Online virtual events are fast overtaking offline events. Events held online are promoted through inbound and outbound marketing strategies. These events can range from promotional fair to online business gatherings and web seminars.


In order to create successful virtual events, it is important to build a perfect platform that works seamlessly. This is where we step in. At Orion E Solutions we have a team of talented web development and design professionals adept at creating quick loading, user friendly, and appealing business websites.


The process of virtual event marketing:

When it comes to virtual event marketing, website is the sole point of contact for prospects. It is imperative therefore to focus on building a high performing website that speaks for itself. Events such as webinars and presentations conducted on a well-architected site help companies build a strong customer base generating good will, building relationships and earning the trust of prospective customers.


Today’s customer is shrewd and notices anything amiss in a site immediately. If you want to attract the attention of such customers and motivate them to attend your online webinars or any other event, it is important to present a sophisticated website that reflects your company’s perspective, focus and personality.


The website platforms which interconnect staffs, executives and employees are informative and interesting which pave the way for interconnecting several enterprises and large-scale business endeavors.


We offer an easy-to-use self-service platform using which you can conduct top notch events online. Businesses with an internet connection can create trade shows, virtual conferences, webinars and so on the platform designed by our experts and be confident of handling hundreds of attendees.


Our impeccably designed platforms ensure that users enjoy a life-like personal experience, an experience of being at an actual trade show or conference. We offer all this and more at a much lower cost than what you would spend at an actual seminar or trade show offline.


Get ready to promote your virtual events to a global audience and maximize your reach. On our platform, we offer you a complete range of user-friendly self-service options. Using our platform, businesses can create measurable, stimulating and secure online events.


Sophisticated platform allows you to create a highly interactive environment through on-demand, live programming. Businesses can publish content and brand their events as we offer them complete control. We offer clients instant access to reporting and analytics real time. We carefully integrate social sharing widgets for popular networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. At any time, our clients can get in touch with us to resolve issues if any and to get their queries addressed efficiently.

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