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SharePoint Development

At Orion eSolutions, Get your site developed with SharePoint

Running a business requires managing each and every small thing in the organization with an eye for detail. In order to simplify this task of management and collaboration of things, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) has been introduced.

At Orion, a SharePoint application development company in India, we use this web-based platform to help our clients handle documents efficiently and enjoy excellent collaboration. Many of the internet/intranet websites as well as web apps for companies are developed and hosted by us using this platform.
SharePoint development is a password protected tool, which means it has a safe and secure environment to work upon. Orion’s specialized team to use SharePoint provides a wide range of customizable services to suit all particular needs of the company’s esteemed clients. The team holds the potential to modify or alter the existing solutions or it can bring out a whole new solution as per the demand of the client.

Our team is skilled and experienced enough to create templates that help build a unique, strong brand image and attract increased count of customers. With the same, your IT material remains free to keep its focus on the main operations of your business. You will even experience something exceptional with the way our team will customize different themes, layouts and templates. SharePoint will increase your proficiency as well as output.

Varied benefits SharePoint permits you to enjoy with it:

  • Link SharePoint to other systems to augment your productivity.
  • Quickly change the count of users or range of data circulation; enjoy the flexibility feature of this tool.
  • Enjoy a secured platform.
  • No need to pay additional fee for Microsoft licenses.
  • Nominal pricing, which is also foreseeable with a fixed price for each site.


What is required?

All we would need is a delivery date from the date of commencement of a project, some basic information, and your willingness to migrate the existing site. The rest that includes all the pragmatisms and rationalities will be handled by us.

Orion eSolutions deploys easy and interesting features while using fully configured services so as to meet your exact specifications. This helps us to ensure maximum satisfaction at your end along a long-lasting experience.
Not enough? We even are always prepared to plan a strategy/approach that helps you easily store your content and retrieve at any required time within your company premises. Our ardent team will work in close coordination with you so as to make any necessary changes, wherever and whenever required, and to update things from time to time.

Technologies We Use

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