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NLb and Clustering

Ensuring Scalability with our NLB Cluster

Orion eSolutions, has got specialization in offering NLB Cluster service. We have employed, dedicated and loyal professionals to deliver this service that ensures high availability as well as scalability for services based on TCP and UDP. A number of servers are successfully combined into one cluster.

With our NLB Cluster, you can boost the server availability on your corporate LAN. Network Connections or Network Load Balancing Manager will help you to deploy the Network Load Balancing clusters. Varied applications, which prove successful in taking advantage of Windows 2012 Clustering, will all end up scaling the performance of your server so as to meet the growing demands of your online clients. Some of these applications may comprise Windows Media Services, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), HTTP, Terminal Services, and the like.

Network Load Balancing Clusters offers you various features, one of which is a Network Load Balancing feature. The same lets you build, manage and configure the hosts of the cluster using a single computer.

What is different in NLB from the cluster service?

NLB does not need shared disk subsystem. Rather, it focuses on distributing traffic to NLB cluster members. The service allows two servers to run simultaneously, sharing a data store. This is particularly to ensure that in case of failure of the original server, the other server keeps on working to offer that data. NLB provided by Orion eSolutions, a renowned Indian web solutions company, thus, is known for its fault tolerance power as well as for managing downtime errors for upgrades. With our NLB Cluster, you can easily alleviate server failure.
Not only the clustered service is monitored by us, but its dependencies are screened as well.

Basic Network Load Balancing models:

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