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Multilevel Marketing

Just like the hierarchical structures represented by a pyramid, multi-level marketing or MLM also incorporates an well-integrated network of potential sales forces who channelize and optimize as well as compensate for the generation of sales target met by others. The primary basis for this type of marketing is through an effective verbal communication and along with direct selling to consumers. At present, reputed companies offer a replicated website for their distributors who wish to join their MLM chain. On this website, the distributors can track and process orders real time. They can conduct a host of business activities and also track their genealogy from their virtual office on the website.


For businesses to establish themselves as legitimate in the field of MLM, it is imperative to set up a seamless website and smooth interactive selling process. All applications related to multi-level marketing must be user -friendly as many who join as distributors may not be tech-savvy.


At Orion E Solutions, we put in place a strong and high performing MLM platform for companies to help maximize their multi-level marketing efforts. A company with strong background, good credentials and excellent integrity can rope in a number of people in their ladder thereby improving sales.

What do you get from us?

We help clients find people interested in joining their business and maximize revenue for the company, in a most professional manner. We also help put up an automated system that trains them to use the product and market them effectively.


Here are a few tips on how to rope in maximum number of members into your MLM system and ensure that they remain motivated.


  • When people search for any product today, they read through many blog posts, customer reviews and read through many emails. By smoothly integrating various essential factors, we help companies be optimally visible among these searchers thereby enhancing the chances of maximum number of people joining the network.
  • Through an online platform, we help our client businesses automate MLM processes and help prospective candidates make an informed decision.
  • We help businesses use webinars, email sequences and other mass communication tools to reach out to thousands of customers quickly and efficiently.
  • We ensure that emails go out each day automatically to prospects by setting up automatic emails. Instead of just a single person, companies can now communicate simultaneously with at least a 1000 people through webinars.
  • We integrate a user friendly, easy and simple signup process in the MLM system. After prospects have understood the benefits of the opportunity offered by the said company, they can sign up for the network online easily.
  • After they sign up, the MLM system designed by our experts lead them to the company page. After signing up, we direct users to the training section where they learn everything about the company, the products they are going to use and market and tips on how to become a successful multi-level marketer.
  • We develop a powerful system where we integrate learning videos and audios on the website to enable people to get quality training.


Businesses that want to create a strong MLM team must also create an equally strong network of marketing system. We help you build a solid system all with automated processes to help your business scale great heights.

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