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Hope it is possible to stop over for our party that is“housewarming week

Hope it is possible to stop over for our party that is“housewarming week

We’ve Moved!

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A Guy’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Date” releases on Wednesday April 10, 2013 and you’ll get all the breaking news on this at our new website…AND we’re offering a FREE sneak peak at the book to all LifeBytes and Singles Warehouse friends and followers we’re very excited about this move…our first book “THE MAN PLAN. Please head up to our post on Singles Warehouse to possess a browse, all we ask in exchange is only a little love that is social!

We’ll be continuing our web log regarding the site that is new bringing you the greatest in dating tales and advice. And undoubtedly, we’re still developing our next dating that is great “LifeBytes™ Real Stories of on the web Dating”.

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It’s Raining Men…. Hallelujah.

This week’s ear-worm is the fact that 80’s party anthem from The Weather Girls, “It’s Raining Men”. Why? Because for me personally, it evidently IS raining males. I’ve unexpectedly and notably inexplicably be highly popular on Match. I’ve been favorited, winked at, Liked, and emailed by more guys within the previous two days than have actually noticed me in the last half a year.

Why, Men…Why?

We wish I knew why We have this kind of unexpected appeal, I’d container it, offer it, or possibly just dab it behind my ears! I’m most certainly not whining. I simply can’t figure it away. We haven’t changed my picture or updated my profile when you look at the month that is last. My membership isn’t about to expire – because We have seen in the past that there’s an uptick in responses when I’m about to be expected to pony-up my credit card info once again. (Clever Match, extremely clever)

Possibly it is simply when you look at the movie stars for me personally this thirty days. Possibly the planets have actually aligned to offer me personally a” that is“come-hither on the web. In any case can be, I’m thrilled to go with the just movement and luxuriate in the interest. Within the i’ve that is past wondered if Match has unintentionally concealed my profile, because We have nothing…. Literally absolutely nothing from any male there. We email…no response, I wink…no reaction, my profile sits there time in and day out and…nothing, not just a nibble. However the previous couple weeks? …So far I have actually at the very least two males prearranged to chat with within the phone and perhaps satisfy, and that is making me personally very happy.

I’ll Simply Enjoy These Men While I’m Able To

Often, it’s do not to over-think such things as online attention. We have a tendency to over-think lots of things and also this in change causes almost all of my anxiety and sleepless evenings. I’ll just see where this change of events takes me personally. With any luck they’re going to simply just take me to at the least a few dinner times.

For the time being, please enjoy my ear-worm.

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Book Publishing, and Other Fun Information!

Just How To WOW Your Sweetie!

“The guy Plan, A Guy’s Guide to Planning the Date” that is perfect contains a guy has to understand to WOW their sweetie with dates for each event. In it you’ll find Ten methods for preparing a romantic date, along with Date a few ideas for each and every occasion. We provide recommendations and recommendations for all types of date imaginable, from casual first times, to sexy times, to full-out dates that are romantic. We also provide some some ideas on “pop the question” dates.

A Novel For Males in addition to Ladies Who Enjoy Them

We think this is a reference guide that males (and YES also the ladies who love and date them) will again refer to and again. “The Man Plan” may be for sale in printing and e-book versions. We’ll be posting the last publishing date right here just it, so stay tuned as we have.

In other news, we’re additionally in the act of combining our internet site lifebytesbook and our web log only at WordPress into one site. We desire to have that carried out into the next week or two and then we hope that you’ll all visit…and check out often. We’ll be continuing our regular we blog entries there, we’ll have the ability to provide you with more news and updates on our books, and undoubtedly you’ll be in a position to buy “The Man Plan” and “Real Stories” when it is available.

Tweaking The Web Dating Profile…Again

I’ll acknowledge it, i prefer all things internet…not dating that is just online. I’m a social networking nut. Much more even than my son, who’s of an age where HE ought to be the one with their nose buried in the phone that is smart as tweets, articles, reviews, and blogs. But no…that’s me personally. My buddies think it is hysterically funny and my son…well, he simply shakes his mind and sighs. We think he’s beyond being ashamed by me and has now simply accepted the fact mom’s “a little different”.

Therefore, of program i prefer internet dating. Also it frustrating at times, I still basically have great fun with it though I find. As with any social media I’m on, i love to “tweak”…which means if I get more/different/better quality responses that I post different pictures every few months to see. Most certainly not a medical poll but those good mind and arms shots of me personally smiling brightly appear to be winning with regards to getting loves and email messages and responses.

Search Engine Optimization Counts, Even Yet In Dating Pages

In addition update my profile for a basis that is fairly regular. I added that into my profile when I took up Yoga. Once I fleetingly dated some guy who was simply really into cooking, he got me personally totally hooked on the foodstuff Network and all things “foodie”. Therefore of course my profile now reflects my interest that is new-found in. And I also have actually gotten responses that furfling mobile site are interesting new stuff that I’ve included with my profile. It will assist too that Match and a number of other online dating sites will “bump” your profile as much as the top of the search list when you make perhaps the change that is smallest to your profile. Yes…SEO matters, even yet in dating pages!