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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications encompass all those critical and well-integrated software applications systems through the internet and the intranet technical platforms to integrate, monitor and accumulate multiple customer-related or corporate or organizational expediencies.


We at Orion E solutions understand how software programs like enterprise applications offer many significant benefits:


  • They help people communicate better both in a technically connected office ambience and also externally, enabling healthy collection and analysis of data and by streamlining business processes. Applications are selected and codified very diligently, ranging from management of customer relationship to the successful integration of the entire enterprise applications.
  • Without an efficient enterprise application in place, companies find it necessary to share data manually between various applications.
  • Enterprise application integration enables data to flow seamlessly from one program to another by bridging gaps between software programs.


We offer high performing enterprise applications solutions with user friendly interfaces to manage data flow. Companies that wish to optimize usage of their software investments must necessarily reach out for enterprise applications service. There are many obvious benefits of opting for enterprise applications service.


Salient features of our enterprise applications include:


  • Seamless flow of information between programs – Enterprise applications integration ensures that there is a continuous, smooth flow of information between software programs in an organization or from any other authorized computer system outside the company. One of the major tasks of our performance-oriented enterprise applications service is to eliminate redundancies by consolidating data collection efforts effectively. All authorized users in the organization can get data from a single point of access. This saves time and ensures the constant flow of accurate and upgraded data. As this application is more based more on individual components and has a scalable nature, it obviously inculcates an effective collaboration between among individuals, companies and departments.
  • Streamlining of processes – Data or activities from many different software applications are expertly streamlined in this process. Based on their demographics and behavior, enterprise applications can deliver targeted messages to customers by integrating an email marketing platform with data from a CRM. At Orion E Solutions, we integrate an analytics package with this process to measure success of the email campaign. Companies thus find it easy to identify areas and resources where they need to invest more.
  • Single user-friendly interface – For any business, it is not easy installing a new application effectively which can function properly with existing systems. An Enterprise application helps to eliminate this major glitch and skillfully combines the functionality of several applications.
  • Quicker response to opportunities – Enterprise application integration allows companies to identify and immediately respond to any opportunity. This in turn helps businesses effectively address issues such as supply chain disruptions, reputation management and shifts in the market. All this is possible from a single interface.


Whether your requirement is to implement enterprise applications through your organization, rollout, and upgrade or deploy managed services, we help you to maximize efficiency and minimize risk and cost. We are here to offer an optimum value for your business through our enterprise applications solutions through our proprietary tools, frameworks and accelerators. We strategically partner with global technology leaders to offer consistent and innovative solutions for our clients. Regardless of the geographical complexity or type of project, we ensure excellence through our balanced global delivery model.

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