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Dear Abby: I make money using my pastime, and my spouse thinks she gets half

Dear Abby: I make money using my pastime, and my spouse thinks she gets half

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DEAR ABBY: my family and i retired 5 years ago. We have sufficient savings plus an exemplary retirement for us to live easily.

I took up an interest 3 years ago that creates about $5,000 in yearly earnings, that we put away in a separate banking account. My wife asked, “what exactly are you saving that money for? ” We stated perhaps a classic car, helping with a family group reunion ( back at my side), etc. She responded, “We must be from the exact same web page about how it gets invested because 50 % of it really is mine. ”

Once I reached away to my son for his insight, he sided together with her because (legally) 1 / 2 of the thing I have is hers. We have no issue consulting I feel she is controlling and petty with her on a major expenditure coming out of our other savings, but on this one. Your ideas?


DEAR HOBBY: I agree to you. Not just that, but she additionally lacks tact.

DEAR ABBY: My daughter simply informed me that she’s going to be hanging a head that is deer their living room. Her boyfriend that is live-in loves hunt, and she actually is carrying this out for him. Simply thinking about this makes me actually sick. My thoughts check out a dying animal whom is putting up with.

We offered my daughter $12,000 to get this home. I’d like her to rethink her choice on the basis of the proven fact that this disturbs me, not too I’m trying to push her around her this money because we gave. I understand she’ll take it really and start to become upset at me. Assist!


DEAR UNEASY: i believe we both know your child is a grown-up and eligible to make that decision without worrying that her fella’s hobby bothers you. We don’t have actually to enjoy it or accept. Because what’s upsetting you is the idea that the deer suffered, ask your daughter (or him) just how numerous shots it took to take the creature down. If it absolutely was one or more, you are happier entertaining them in your home.

DEAR ABBY: my partner left me only a little over two years back, and I also can’t appear to get over it. All she said was that we had an “emotional disconnect. ” I don’t believe she ended up being unfaithful.

All i could think about has been along with her, and I also cringe if i do believe about her being with somebody else. I’m a professional by having a career that is good retirement, and I also are approached by some nice women who would like up to now. How do I conquer my feelings for my ex?


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DEAR LONELY: are you escaping. And taking part in leisure activities as your wife left? That might be one method to get the mind off her because sitting around thinking about her is counterproductive.

Your ex lover needs to have been more specific about why she left. Understanding will have assisted you begin to really heal.

Given that it is 2 yrs and also you have actuallyn’t had the oppertunity to operate this out, please talk with a licensed psychotherapist.

Your personal doctor or your wellbeing insurance carrier can provide you the names of qualified experts. Please wait that is don’t ask.