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Database management

For all organizations, one of the key assets that drive improved operational efficiency, better customer service and smart decisions is an effective management of database. Depending on the size of the enterprise, the volume of data differs. At Orion E solutions our supreme focus is to retrieve, monitor, administer and modify data constantly so as to build up an all-inclusive database management system for companies and institutions.


Problems while sharing, storing and modulating data can have a detrimental effect on the level of employee productivity and it can hinder any business endeavor. At Orion, we try to initiate and channelize an active and upgraded software application through embedded, cloud, operational and SQL techniques. It is therefore essential putting into place a seamless database management system that allows companies to track their data on a minute to minute basis. We offer quality database management service geared towards helping employees access data recorded accurately to invoice customers, calculate sales estimate and complete accounting reports. There are many significant benefits of handing over your data management needs to us.


  • We use proven programming languages to manage organizational data and to help employees access, use, delete and update data within tables. Using prominent programs such as MySQL open-source system and Microsoft’s SQL Server, we allow access to outside programs through SQL queries. For example, companies can display information such as product price, images and descriptions by connecting to the relational database management data through the web server software.
  • Enhanced data control is another significant advantage of putting in place an efficient data management system. Without making new copies, all users in the organization can access and get a first hand data. Apart from enhancing control and efficiency, eliminating the need to copy data repeatedly also reduces the cost of copying and also enhances the resource management by a company.
  • Accurate data handling is assured of by our data management system. We use the best database management software storing data on multiple computers. We help organizations enforce high standards of operations by assuring them of accurate information through our efficient database management system.
  • For small, medium or large organizations, data security is of paramount importance. Our system allows data access through a DBMS interface model applicable only to those who are authorized. This helps prevent unscrupulous individuals from accessing and misusing data.
  • Our database management system is well-versed and operationally efficient and responsive. You can be assured that functions like counting, calculating and addition are automated accurately. Our system also plans applications to store, report and update data and
  • A major advantage of using our database management system is the ability for each part to reuse code from other sections or modules. Data related to inventory, invoice and stock and so on are stored in separate modules. However, there is no need to change structure in order to access each one of them as queries are combined from all modules.


Contact us now to grow your business, create new efficiencies in your daily operations by managing data optimally. We offer clients a range of DBM services such as database design, planning, administration, installation, restorations and backup and database upgrades. We also offer a proactive 24×7 technical support and ensure constant monitoring of mission critical data.

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